Patients Seek Better Shoes For Arthritis

More and more consumers demand the choice to buy stylish wider fitting shoes and orthopaedic footwear. Years of foot-abuse – usually by wearing stiff-soled shoes, improperly cushioned work-related footwear or high heels for the sake of fashion – have Nike France led to over pronation, bunions and painful arthritic conditions.

Insisting on shoes to fit feet (not feet to fit the shoes), consumer demand for comfort now results in fashionable wide fitting shoes. It has also given way to shoes suitable for arthritis and footwear that supports painful foot arches. The growing medical need for orthopaedic shoes also fulfils a niche demand by consumers requiring shoes for bunions, heel pain, shin splints and other podiatric conditions.

Perhaps the biggest misconception that consumers are surprised to overcome is the erroneous connection of orthopaedic footwear with unsightly and bland shoes. Instead, orthopaedic shoes now longer look like their counterparts from just a short decade ago!

Now the wide fitting shoes are stylish and contain elements to provide good visual designs. Shoes for bunions are custom-made for the suffering foot but at the same time come in several sleek designs that make them appropriate and inconspicuous for using with evening-wear or at the office. Shoes for arthritis follow current fashion trends and offer numerous colour choices.

In fact, contemporary orthopaedic footwear may be very hard to tell from the uncomfortable department store shoes – on the outside. On the inside, the feet can stretch and receive the needed support; as a result, over pronation or bunions no longer prevent the consumer from enjoying a leisurely walk.