Red Loafer Blues

follow the yellow brick roadHi Chris,

I am Acheter Maillot De foot France a 29-year-old male. I have a pair of red Dolce and Gabbana loafers that I want to wear with over 30 suits and sports coats and many pairs of pants, all in different colors. What I’m wondering is, what color suit (besides red) can I wear with my red shoes?

Thanks,Eric, I have a couple of questions of my own. Red loafers are very flashy, but they’re wearable nonetheless — at least on certain occasions.

I am going away down south (to Texas) and I was wondering how to get the no-sock look when I am wearing my skater shoes. Should I wear really low-cut socks that slide off after two minutes or should I not wear socks at all? I’m afraid of foot sweat and even foot powder doesn’t work. So if you have any ideas for the no-socks look, that would be great.


Great question. I actually had the same problem in my skateboarding days, until one day my dad took me to the local tennis pro shop and got me a pair of low-cut athletic socks. I guarantee you that these babies will solve your problem forever. These types of socks are as low as they come and are made to be invisible in any kind of sneakers. They are usually well padded so they’re comfortable and durable, and they also offer superior breathability. However, they’re also more expensive than traditional white athletic socks, roughly $20 (US) a pair, but they’re definitely worth the premium. You’ll find them in most running, tennis and golf specialty stores. At last, you can throw out the foot powder and self-cut athletic socks.